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The Necessity of Communism

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on November 3, 2008 by religionsucks

The United States needs it. We’ve taken our freedoms for granted. We’ve become complacent with the things that matter most and have lost sight of what is morally correct. We’ve cried out to God, but only when tragedy struck, other that that, we’ve tried to sue Him. Jesus is still a name that is ignored and we’d rather look to horse shit for our way to peace. We are not to be envied, but pitied by all men for we put our greed before life itself and the beginning of life has been deemed “a viable fetus“, and that life is merely an option. Then, if that fetus is allowed to live, they are taught that a socialist is the best choice for president of the United States, while they learn about the dictators of Russia in their world history classes and they don’t see the parallels.

I believe that at the root of it all lies the Christian church in America. They’ve lost their first love. They’ve become luke-warm. They’ve compromised the truth for popularity, for money, for pride and fame.

Some addicts are treated for their dependency on a substance by taking all of their privilages away. The church needs the same. God, please pull the weeds. We’re killing ourselves.