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Veritas for today

Posted in church, Truth on November 18, 2006 by religionsucks


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Jesus said in John 8:32 that the truth will set you free. Truth needs no support. It stands alone. It does however need to be shown. James said faith without works is dead. The faith he mentioned¬†is having faith in the truth even though you may not be able to sense truth. The bible says the wind exists even though we cannot see it. We can see it’s effects, and know it exists. Truth exists, even though so many say it is merely relative. I think Jesus showed the truth through his actions possibly more so than in his words. Ironic as I¬†WRITEthis. I came to know the truth through the actions of a few Christians. Most proclaimed Christians told me about the truth, but apparently didn’t want to have a whole lot to do with me. Mabey it was the hair. I finally started to believe that Christ loved me because there were certain Christians, who did not attempt to bolster themselves, who showed me the truth: God loves me.

We see the need for and want to start a church in a tattoo shop. There are people who, like I used to, will have nothing to do with Christianity because is has become an exclusive religion. As long as you fit the criteria, you can attend most churches. If you fall outside their particular guidelines, you either will be asked to leave, or will be treated differently than the “normal” ones. People will ask me about the bible saying you cannot have tattoo’s (though I have yet to meet one who actually new the reference or could quote the verse), but won’t say anything about how it also states that we are not to mix two different cloths i.e. cotton and wool. And this is not to mention the 613 other ordinances of the law. Tattoo’s are taboo for many. Namely the religious. If those with tattoo’s feel uncomfortable going to a church, perhaps it’s time the church goes to them and offers veritas as Jesus would.