I know a lot about church. My parents were missionaries in Central America for over twenty years and pioneered a substantial amount of work through out Latin America. I’ve been to church ever since I can remember. I’ve watched from the corner as everything under the sun has occured in the name of Christ. I’ve heard the Bible preached front to back a few times. For a few years, I myself served as a youth pastor.  I resigned because playing church got old. Churches in the United States are, for the most part, a joke. Now, a lot of “Christians” apparently find nothing better to do than criticize me because I would rather spend time with non-Christians than Bible thumpers. Many Christians just want to argue. I’ve usually already heard what their arguing about, so I more or less make fun of them. They spend a lot of time talking about what Jesus would do instead of just doing it and not saying anything in the first place. I’ve become very cynical towards so many Christians. At the same time though, my heart breaks for those, who Christians talk about “reaching out” to, but in the end, they never actually reach out to these that are hurting. Like the ten year old boy at the horse ranch I volunteer at who is a ward of the state. He’s really messed up. I’ve cried a lot for him. Or so many of the people I see come into the tattoo shop. They’re broken, empty, and trying to find reason in their lives. I mourn for my wife’s friend who divorced her husband because of his continuous homosexual audultery that still goes on without one sense of remorse on his part. Their children are so confused. I wonder if they will become like me? I believe that the first time, Jesus came to the earth as a lamb, who was to be slain for all of us. I also believe that the next time he will return, he will be a lion, of whom many will dread knowing that they denied the lamb. I love Christ, believe it or not. I just am not too fond of most Christians.


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