The Antichrist is Hispanic!???!!!????

I’m not a big fan of television. If I want real entertainment, I’ll go down into my shop and work on a Vandergraph generator. This evening, I went over to see my parents at their home. As is typical, my dad had the tube on and was watching Geraldo Live. I was instantly captivated when I heard Geraldo talking about the Antichrist and his followers???!!! Apparently, in some Latin country (or at least it seemed predominately Hispanic followers) some guy, who apparently struggles with a small penis, has convinced, it appeared, a few hundred people that he is in fact (drum roll) The Antichrist!!! Yay! They all win…nothing. I’m still trying to get my mind around this one. Many of the followers, we’ll call them sheep, have gone to actually get 666 tattooed  on their body. Some on the forehead, some on the hand, some on the wrist. The reporter found one young lady at a tattoo shop getting 666 tattooed on her shoulder blade. She stated that this was the answer to everything for her. I’m assuming that she didn’t have any real, complex questions in the first place. Perhaps knowing that tattoos can now be cosmetically removed with lasers was all she needed. And why 666? I’m aware of the whole number six verses the number seven, but really, why couldn’t it be a Latin word? Or a Hebrew word. What would these people do if the real Antichrist showed up and said “no, no, no, my sign is not 666, it’s Pi to 1,283 places. 3.141592653………………

I’m taken back to the Jonestown murders/suicide of ’78. Wikipedia records that 913 people were found dead. Nearly 1000 people followed a man who claimed to be the Christ incarnate. I’m reminded also of Isaiah 53 “We all like sheep have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way. And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.”

I may poke fun of this new self-proclaimed diety’s followers, but what will this guy tell God? Most certainly he hasn’t thought that through. Sure, he could claim atheism, but even some honest atheists have said that they say there is no God because they simply don’t want one to exist, not because there was overwhelming evidence disproving the existence of the Father. Will he apologize? Or was it Bertrand Russell that said he will simply tell God, “you didn’t give enough evidence to prove yourself”. How does a person intentionally mislead as many people as possible in the name of God? How can we be so blind so as to follow?


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