My Friend David L.

“Friend” is another word that has lost so much meaning in western civilization. If we converse with someone more than once, they automatically become our friend. I know not all are like this. Again, I don’t want to make a statement that is intended to be all encompassing. That’s not fair to the few individuals who cherish their friends, as the Bible states “a friend sticks closer than a brother”. I have a handful of individuals that I call “friends”. I would like to believe that they are people of character. Not all of them are Christians either. There is a certain consistency about them. Something you cant quite get your mind around. They’re deep, genuine, and respectful of others who are trying to be real themselves.

David is one of these friends. I’ve watched inquisitively the past few years of his life. I watched from the stage at church when he and his wife “M.J.” walked into church and had a seat in the back row. In a church where most of the congregation wore their “Sunday best”, David wore Big Smith overalls. He looked out of place, and as I would come to know him better and better, I realized that he was and is out of place. He seeks after the Father with his heart more than his mind. Yet, you would not know that how much he truly knows about God in weather-type conversation. He’s not out to impress others with what he knows. I watched that first Sunday as others looked at him and whispered. He didn’t say anything. I watched as a couple of years later, his wife would unexpectedly leave and divorce him. I watched as church members spread rumors of him after the divorce. I watched him cry as my own heart broke for him. I listened as he told me how lonely he was. I watched as he left the church and moved to another state. I listened as he told me how he had forgiven M.J. and only wished she would come back. She never came back.

Then, he told me about another. Another who had him “smitten”. This last Sunday, I got to see my friend David, along with his new bride. I saw a new David. A David who was lighter than air itself. A David whom God showed favor. A David who as king David, is a man after God’s own heart. I saw an answer to prayer. I saw my friend walking with a companion, a friend, a wife.

Thanks Dave for being a friend. May God richly bless you and Dawn as you trod the path together. I cannot express how abundantly you have blessed me over the years. In times that I feel as though I cannot understand myself, you seem to understand. A gift of the Spirit. Because of you, I have pressed on. Some day, we’ll dwell in the house of the Lord and the things of earth will grow strangely dim.

Give thanks to the Lord, our God and King. His love endures forever.


2 Responses to “My Friend David L.”

  1. Dawn & David Says:

    Thank you.

  2. Charles "Chuck" Lewis Says:

    I am Davids little brother. Thanks for the words you wrote about my OLDER brother. When we first saw David with his new bride, my wife and I saw a renewed countenance about him. God did not answer my prayer the way I prayed. But God did answer the He saw best. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. God IS faithful.

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