Sometimes, like now, drinking is how I ease the pain. To lose one of your students is to lose part of your life.


One Response to “Pain”

  1. Harry Chapin had a song about a girl who would burn herself with cigarettes. She had put up so many defenses against the hurts of her life she had to inflict pain to see if she was still alive. I ‘spect that’s why so many are cutting themselves.

    But what are you to do when you are so alive that not only can you feel your own pain so intensely but the pain of others? That’s the lot of a true intercessor.

    The intercessor often goes through similar deals as those for whom he/she is praying. Then healing minstry can occur. Many have claimed to be an intercessor, but a true intercessory calling is a solitary calling and often, most times, painful beyond belief.

    One only needs to to see the pattern of Jesus, His withdrawing to lonely places and His lament over jerusalem.

    God bless you and Mandi as you minister to the hurting.

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