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World Trade Center

Posted in New York, Uncategorized on September 3, 2006 by religionsucks

We just returned from NYC this past week. While there, we went to the world trade center site. It was personally hard to handle. I tried to imagine being on the street next to the buildings, and looking up to see the plane crash into the building. Steel, glass, papers, furniture and people showering down onto the streets and walks below. Now, there is nothing more than a massive hole in the ground and make shift memorials. I noticed so many walking by were again numb to what once happened there. People are no longer tortured by fear, rather now by annoying cell phone calls or deadlines that must be met. And my mind wanders back to the loss. The loss of life. The loss of security. The loss of family or friends. The loss of hearts that ran to God in their time of fear. Why aren’t the churches full today? Why aren’t people crying out to God now? Why does God still remain faithfull to us?